Source Of Income Questionnaire

This is a common questionnaire utilized by financial institutions such as banks and money lending businesses to determine an individual s financial capabilities. Source of wealth questionnaire 1.

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Income survey questions is a questionnaire that is asked to understand the financial status of an individual.

Source of income questionnaire. Income questionnaires contain questions related to an individual s personal or family earnings through work or investments. Main source of income before current main source of income expected main source of income in the next month agriculture fisheries manufacturing hospitality tourism restaurant other services retail trade shops petty trade remittances foreign government welfare private charity ngo un. Income please provide the following.

Applicant details name s first applicant second applicant contract number s if known 2. Suitably certifiedcopies of three months of recent payslips. Source of wealth if the original source of the contribution to be invested is wealth created from.

They shed light on the amount of income a person makes in a year be it individual income or household income. Income survey questions can be sensitive in nature.

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