Income Quintiles Canada

In 2018 about 270 970 canadians had an income of 250 000 canadian dollars or more. Income limits and mean income for each quintile of household income 1967 through 2018.

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In 2012 families in the top income quintile held 47 of the total wealth held by canadian families compared with 45 in 1999.

Income quintiles canada. Enter an income value to view how it compares with the income percentiles for a selected category. Other statistics canada figures reveal that families of the lowest quintile depend on govern ment transfer payments for nearly 60 of their income. Canada income range percent of families description quintile 1 up to 40 000 21 1 poor near poor quintile 2 40 60 000 17 9 lower middle or modest income quintile 3 60 85 000 20 4 middle income quintile 4 85 125 000 21 4 upper middle income quintile 5 over 125 000 19 2 high income or well off.

Average wealth increased by 80 among families in the top income quintile from 721 900 to 1 3 million and by 38 among families in the bottom income quintile from 79 500 to 109 300. Families of the first quintile had an annual income of less than 17 928 and those of the fifth quintile an income greater than 53 398 see elites. The 95th percentile means 95 of the population with an income falls below this threshold the 50th percentile is the median where 50 of the population is above and 50 percent is below.

In 2017 the 20 of canadian households with the lowest income. This statistic depicts the average annual household expenditure per consumer unit in canada in 2017 distinguished by quintile. Download income quintiles pdf 17 78 kb download income quintiles xlsx 73 38 kb.

Distribution of household disposable income by equivalized disposable income quintile 2010 and 2017 as was the case for wealth relatively more of canada s household disposable income was concentrated in british columbia in 2017 than in 2010 while incomes in alberta have declined in recent years from 104 643 per household in 2015 to 94 788 in 2017 in tandem with economic conditions in the oil and gas sector. Income distribution in canada in 2018 by income level in canadian dollars.

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