How To Vent A Toilet

And if that s you install a 3 x3 x2 wye with a 2 street 45 to vent this toilet. Soil pipes do the same for toilets.

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The stack also allows fresh air in to keep water running smoothly through your piping.

How to vent a toilet. Run 2 or 3 inch vent pipe from the fitting upward to the main vent stack. Select a installation point for the toilet drain. This will be no higher than the uppermost floor with a toilet or sink.

Use pipe thread compound to cover the threads on the male fitting. Tie it in with a sanitary tee at a point above the drain of the topmost fixture that the vent services. For a toilet and sink a valve right on the 2 inch pipe in the bathroom has been sufficient no cloggings and no wheezing noise when flushing.

Hiring a plumber to vent a toilet. Above the intersection with the sink the vent pipe simply acts as a vent for both fixtures and so can be smaller 1 5 in diameter. A bigger valve in the attic is more than enough but if it for some reason is not allowed where you live i guess you will have to go through the roof.

Take your studor valve and thread it onto the male fitting until it s tight. Once you select the location for the drain take a pencil and draw a circle that is slightly larger than the base of the drain flange. Remember that 10 pa is proportional to 0 04 inches 1mm water gauge.

Between the intersection with the sink s drain pipe and the toilet s waste pipe the vent pipe is acting as the sink s drain and the toilet s vent and so must be 2 in diameter. A common way to vent a toilet line through a sink drain is to connect the sink drain to the toilet waste line with a reducing sanitary tee with its sweep pointing in the direction of flow. Install the toilet flush it and inspect the area for leaks.

The tee outlet must point upward perpendicular to the direction of the drain pipe. I ll also quickly mention in upc jurisdictions it s common to see one toilet in the home plumbed with a 3 inch vent. You must connect the vent pipe from the upflush toilet to a point on the vent and soil stack higher than this drain connection.

Most areas require that the drain be about 12 inches from the rear wall and about 15 inches from any side obstructions such as a cabinet or wall. Water and waste head down the pipe while gasses are vented up and outwards. The toilet vent pipe size measure from 119 us gpm 7 5 l s at 250 pa for small scale valves to 507 us gpm 32 l s at 250 pa for maxi valves.

Find the highest wastewater drain connection on the vent and soil stack. You have now successfully installed a studor vent. The best place to connect is often in the attic.

See upc section 904 1 table 703 2 and footnote 3 of table 703 2. As there are different sizes there is generally 3 or 4 drain for toilet. Your toilet s individual vent needs to be 2.

The stack pipe leads the whole way out through your roof and further underground in the opposite direction to main sewer lines.

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