How To Tell If A Wound Is Healing Or Infected

A wound which has become or is becoming infected may. When healing it is normal for wounds to discharge small amounts of pus.

Infected Wounds That Are Hard To Diagnose Often Require A Wound Swab But Many Clinicians Have Different Methodologies Burn Wound Care Wound Healing Wound Care

Your wound may look red swollen and watery at the beginning.

How to tell if a wound is healing or infected. Often right at the beginning of the healing process your wound feels warm. As a matter of precaution it is good to feel these nodes from time to time to make sure that an infection is not going unseen and untreated. More severe infections may cause nausea.

However if the wound emits a thick yellowish liquid it is likely infected. Remember that normal human body temperature is between 35 and 37 c so if you feel a type of local fever concentrated in the area of the wound you should go to the chemist or doctor s surgery. Scars are a result of the body healing itself by pulling the skin beside the wound in to close the incision site.

If you feel a small amount of pain and the wounded area looks a little swollen or inflamed it s totally normal. Another of the signs that a wound is infected is heat in the affected area if when touching the area in question you feel that it s hotter than usual it is quite possible that it is becoming infected. Because of this you will often get raised skin directly on the wound as well as tighter skin on both sides of the surgical area.

If you suspect your wound is infected here are some symptoms to monitor. So how do you tell if a wound is healing or infected. You may notice a clear fluid coming from your wound at the start of the wound healing process.

This is because the white blood cells are fighting germs or bacteria. As long as the pain isn t severe and the swelling doesn t look serious your wound is healing properly. Become more painful instead of gradually improving.

Below we take a look at various signs to look out for. However if the drainage continues and the wound begins to smell foul or have discoloration the wound is most likely infected and will need to be treated by an urgentmed specialist at a walk in clinic. When a wound is infected the lymph nodes closest to the surgery site will often become enlarged.

Minor pain and swelling. Carefully wash away the discharge with warm water and soap and consult with your doctor. This can be a normal part of healing.

Look red around the skin edges. In fact some swelling can be a part of the natural healing process. The wound may have a red or pink raised scar once it.

This red area may feel warm or hot. Wound healing happens in several stages. A wound infection occurs when germs such as bacteria grow within the damaged skin of a wound.

Symptoms can include increasing pain swelling and redness.

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