How To Reset Airpods

With the lid open press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds until you see the status light flashing amber. Attempt to reset your airpods.

How To Reset Your Airpods And Save Yourself A Trip To The Genius Bar Genius Bar Reset Settings App

These instructions will work for both older generation models and the airpods pro.

How to reset airpods. Leave both to dry for 24 48 hours. Put the earbuds back in the airpods case. You can change your settings again.

Charge the airpods case for a few hours. Let the airpods dry in the open air. Resetting the airpods may also solve connectivity issues.

Make sure your airpods are in their case with the lid closed after 30 60 seconds open the lid of your airpods case on your iphone open the settings app. First head to your iphone and open the settings. When you reset your airpods the settings for your airpods also reset.

Tap on bluetooth then tap on the i next to your airpods name. If your case or earbuds aren t working after following these steps it s time to make an apple support appointment. Here s how to do an airpods reset the right way.

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