How To Read A Tape Measure

You want to read from the biggest measurement to the smallest. For example three and one half inches or 3 1 2 or 2 feet 3 1 2.

How To Read A Tape Measure For The Non Mathematical Mind How To Memorize Things Math Methods Mental Math

To read a tape measure think about moving from long marks down to short marks.

How to read a tape measure. Then look at the point where the tape meets the end of the item you re measuring and read the nearest large number. Take a close look at step 3 and 4 in the picture above. To read a measuring tape line the zero mark up at the edge of the item you re measuring then stretch the tape all the way across the item.

As the length of the marks progressively shortens the measurements shorten as well. How to measure using a tape measure. Marks range from 1 inch down to 1 16 inch on most tape measures.

Read the picture above to walk through the process step by step. Most tape measure markings go as small as 1 16. Put the end of the measure at one end of the item or space you want to measure.

When the length stops take a reading on the tape measure. Try to keep the tape straight to ensure an accurate measurement. The longest mark indicates one inch.

This tape divides one more time down to 1 32.

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