How To Plop Hair

Find out what plopping is and how i incorporate it into my hair care routine in this week s video. Lay a t shirt long sleeved works best or a microfiber towel out on a chair or bathroom counter with the sleeves at the end closest to you.

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This curly hair plopping technique is good for getting defined curls with the least amount o.

How to plop hair. If you like to wash your hair at night but dread waking up with wonky curls after a night of tossing and turning plopping is the perfect technique for you. Once your feel like your hair is dry enough tilt your head forward and unwrap the fabric to release it. Want to know how i get my curls.

Can you plop your hair overnight. Next you lay a microfiber towel not a traditional one. Today i m here to show you how to plop your hair.

Plopping is the way. Flip your head forward bending at the waist so that all of your hair is in the center of the towel and on top of your head. This is key to minimize frizz or.

You can absolutely plop your hair overnight. Here s how plopping works. Then use a microfiber towel to squeeze out any excess water and apply a small amount of leave in conditioner to your hair to prevent frizz.

Today i will teach you how to plop curly hair with a t shirt for faster drying time and increased curl definition my amazon shopusa. Flip your wet hair over and onto the center of the t shirt. While your head is still upside down pick up and.

Splay hands around the scalp and gently shuffle the hair to soften and open up the cast. If you re worried about your pillow becoming wet lay a towel across it before going to sleep. To plop your hair start by shampooing and conditioning your hair.

First you apply your regular styling products to freshly washed still damp hair. Lay your t shirt upside down with the sleeves end closest to you on any flat surface.

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