How To Parallel Park

Turn on your blinker so other drivers know you re parallel parking. Try this interactive parallel parking simulator below.

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Next reverse until the middle of your car is lined up with the rear bumper of the other car.

How to parallel park. Step by step tips on how to parallel park 1. To parallel park first pull up next to the car in front of the open parking spot. Click 1 in the image.

Drive around until you find a spot that looks big enough for your car plus a little extra room. Parallel parking is a technique of parking parallel to the road in line with other parked vehicles and facing in the same direction as traffic on that side of the road. Leave about 2 to 3 feet to 1 meter of space between your car and the other car.

To do this you pull up parallel to the vehicle in front of the parking space and slowly back up into the parking space.

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