How To Paint Clouds On A Ceiling With Sponges

Using the color of your choice paint the sky with a roller. Paint on a piece of practice board or canvas as well and allow the wall and practice surface to dry for 24 hours before sponge painting clouds.

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Mural joe explains how he paints realistic clouds.

How to paint clouds on a ceiling with sponges. Start to add clouds when the blue paint is still damp. Take some paint and out it on the sponge and be sure to dab it on some paper or a paper plate to get off the excess paint with a light hand gently dab the paint filled sponge on the ceiling in one. More painting how to s.

For a more realistic look choose sky blue but consider other colors for a more magical mystical look like pink peach or orange. Try to create the form of a cloud by making irregular round shapes with the white paint. Learn how to faux finish paint with free full length videos that are clear.

Using a sponge pick up some white coat and gently dab it onto the damp blue paint. To reach the desired opacity add small amounts of white in different layers. Step 1 paint the sky background.

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