How To Not Cry When Arguing

If you feel you are getting emotional step out of the debate argument and try to discuss at a later time. So try this trick.

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Then leave the room for a bit.

How to not cry when arguing. Don t let the other person provoke you to losing your inner calm. To stop yourself crying the key is to distract the brain. Try not to take anything personally.

A 10minute break however you choose to do it works great. Use your breath to push the need to cry out. Tell them if you need to cool down.

Try taking a slow deep breath through your nose allowing your stomach to expand as you inhale. When you feel yourself about to cry you need to instantly change your breathing. Try to engage mentally and have a positive attitude don t insult or raise your voice but rather repeat your arguments in a calm manner.

Say something like i need a minute and leave the room. A series of deep breaths can calm you while the shallow breathing common during an episode of anger can actually cause more anxiety and angry feelings. If you are crying because of an argument then you need to show the person involved that you are upset about it.

Try to look like you re containing your anger rather than your tears. Go for a walk. I lost all credibility because i burst into tears she said i hate crying during fights but i can t help it i.

Tilt your head back and let the tears flow back into your tear ducts and your lower lids. A great way to relax regain control and stop crying while angry is through breathing. Go catch your breath in the bathroom or take a walk.

I often advise my patients to find a patch of earth and put their bare feet on the ground as a way to let go of anxious energy stout said. Pinch the bridge of your nose and take a deep breath until you gain your composure. Yesterday my friend told me about a recent fight she d had with her boyfriend.

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