How To Make Xor Gate From Nand

This first nand gate with a and b as input produces as output. Let us see how.

Exploreroots Implement Xor Using Minimum Of Nand Gates

So this becomes.

How to make xor gate from nand. Step by step approach lets say input is a and b xor a b a b nand a b below is the calculation done for make xor gate using nand gate using 4 nand gate. Interview questions on digital design how to make xor gate using nand. Hence this leftmost nand gate should take both a and b as input.

Lets follow steps below for conversion. Sound interesting isn t it. Y a xor b a b a b let us take an approach where we consider a and a as different variables for now optimizations related to this if any will consider later.

The equations are also shown below. Z text nand a b overline ab overline a overline b now we have to check whether combining z with itself a b 0 or 1 through a nand gate can produce x and also y. Truth tables are discussed next.

A xor b a b a b. I try to resolve a problem how to implement a xor gate with nand s gate. As we know the logical equation of a 2 input xor gate is given as below.

Posted by vlsi expert. A xor b a b a b a a b b a a b b a b a b a b. From digital basics section we know the equations for xor and nand gates.

Nor equation a b. We can build a 2 input xor gate using 5 nand gates. Nand equation a b.

Xor equation a b ab.

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