How To Make Smooth Stone

That s all you need to know to craft smooth stone in minecraft. Minecraft video game guides.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft Minecraft Stone Blocks Stone

Throw your coal into the bottom slot in your furnace.

How to make smooth stone. This will give you normal stone now all you need to do is place that stone into the furnace and it will create you the smooth stone you are after. In order to get smooth stone you will have to take this a step further and repeat the exact same process. Place the cobblestone blocks in the furnace using the coal to fuel the.

When you come back the cobblestone is going to be turned into stone. Aside from that the only other thing you can craft using smooth stone is smooth stone slabs. Smooth stone is physically and functionally identical to regular stone and is only visually different.

Move the smooth stone to inventory. Once the stone is cooked smelted in the furnace the smooth stone will appear in the box to the right. Next place the stone in the top box of the furnace.

Making smooth stone in minecraft. To make smooth stone in minecraft you will need to have access to a furnace gather fuel in the form of coal or wood and place the fuel and cobblestone into the furnace. The texture of smooth stone has been changed.

1 sources 2 mechanics 3 crafting 4 history 5 trivia this block can be obtained by smelting stone in a furnace. The smooth stone block was first added in beta 1 8but was not. Smooth stone is now used to craft smooth stone slabs the slab types simply known as stone slabs before this version.

You will take the stone that you have created in your first run with the furnace and then add coal and the result will be smooth stone. A quick tutorial showing in minecraft how to make smooth stone just in case you re confused on how to do it since it s a new thing in the game then i will sh. How to make smooth stone in minecraft.

You should see the flames cooking the stone. Then smelt 1x stone with 1x charcoal in your furnace to get 1x smooth stone. To create smooth stone in minecraft you will need a furnace crafting table and some cobblestone and coal to work with.

All you need to create a blast furnace is five iron ingots one furnace and three smooth stone. Smooth stone is a variant of the stone block which has a smoother looking texture and has a lighter gray color. Cobble stone is one of the most common blocks in minecraft and it s the primary ingredient for smelting smooth stone.

Go and grab a drink from the fridge while you wait for the stone to smelt. Add items to make smooth stone. You will also need some charcoal.

With that done you re ready to start smelting. First you need to smelt 1x cobblestone with 1x charcoal or any other fuel in a regular furnace to get 1x stone. Smooth stone can now be obtained by smelting stone.

Your cobblestone goes in the top.

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