How To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Eyeliner

Invest in a good white eyeliner pencil for this. Putting lashes at the center of the eye gives a doe eyed innocent appearance anthony told us.

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You can also use the white liner on your lower waterline which extends the white part of your eye.

How to make eyes look bigger with eyeliner. Does that mean you can never sport a wide awakened look. However if you leave your inner corners and then apply the eyeliner you can use a shimmery beige eyeshadow or eyeliner on the inner corners. Big deep eyes look beautiful even when you are wearing minimal makeup.

Use soft white though. To create a more youthful look you can run the same shimmery eyeshadow or eyeliner under the lower lash line as well. Apply light eyeliner on the waterline.

Adding a bit of light eyeliner on the waterline is one of best makeup tips to make eyes look bigger. Eyeliner is necessary to complete the eye makeup looks as it gives that look touch to eyes making them look distinctive and stunning. While all eye shapes are beautiful there s no denying that big eyes make you look more awake.

My today s eye makeup tutorial will help you create huge eye effect with some easy steps. But just coz you don t have big eyes doesn t mean you can t get them. Add white eyeshadow or eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes.

Use individuals or cut a strip into a small roughly quarter inch section and apply in the same. This technique helps to bring more light into your eyes and produces the effect of larger looking eyes. But not everybody is blessed with big wide eyes.

Just eyeliner is enough to make your eyes look bigger if you use it with the right technique. In fact casually or even formally you don t need to put on tons of shades on your eyes but finely done eyeliner is enough to shine on your eyes here you are pretty and dressed up. Increase the thickness gradually towards the outer.

Stick to the outer third of your eye and use a soft brown eyeshadow to smoke it out which will make the eye look wider harsh lines can make the eyes look smaller. This will brighten up the eyes and make them look bigger. A harsh white will look theatrical.

Through the magic of makeup you can create the illusion of bigger eyes by just making a few alterations to your eye makeup routine. For a sultry look pair with smokey makeup. Of course you can.

This is a detailed eye look for gir. Clearly i don t have big eyes. Draw your liner as close to the upper lashline as possible and don t enclose your eyes by lining all the way around especially at the bottom.

Adding a little eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line will also help to elongate your eyes.

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