How To Make Clay Rings

Note that curing clay directly on metal will create shiny spots on it. See how to make rings out of polymer clay with this free video craft lesson.

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You will get predictable clay thickness every time.

How to make clay rings. Lightly press the rolling pin over the cylinder of clay until it flattens slightly to form a kidney bean shape. Bake the clay on parchment paper on cardboard or on a ceramic tile. Use a toothpick to create a hole in the top center.

Then take the metal clay shrinkage factor into consideration and increase this number by as little as 1 1 2 ring sizes to as much as 2 1 2 ring sizes. Simply tape a number i do 10 cards per stack of playing card together to create two equal stacks. Arrange them randomly on the background slab to make a terrazzo design.

Gently pat the pieces with your fingertips to attach them to the slab. Place your cards stacks on your work surface about 3 apart. Lay the clay between the card stacks and move your roller back and forth over the cards.

Now knead all the little pieces back together. Using an acrylic rolling pin roll the clay out flat to a thickness of 1 8 or just bit thicker. Roll out the remaining clay until it is about 1 16 1 8 thick throughout.

Knead a color of clay until smooth. While this tutorial is best suited for those with some familiarity of polymer clay sculpture novice sculpters should be able to follow along given a little effort. This guide shows you how to make polymer clay jewelrywatch this and other related films here.

For specifics including step by step instructions and to get started crafting your own mini polymer clay jewelry watch this sculpture tutorial. Roll it around in your hands making it round and loosening it up. Place onto baking sheet lined with foil.

Metal clay ring making step 1. If your clay is really hard cut it up into small pieces with a knife. Then using a craft knife cut small pieces out of other colors of clay.

Determine the ring size you want your final ring to be. Use a small circular clay cutter to punch out two 1 4 circles. Lay the pieces on on a cutting board and add a drop of mineral oil.

Gently roll each ball into a thick short cylinder and curve. To harden and preserve your polymer clay jewelry creations cure clay in a clay dedicated small toaster oven this will be one of your most important polymer clay tools. Shape into a round or oblong shape and use rubber stamps to press the shape into the clay.

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