How To Make Friendship Bracelets With Yarn

And now we ll get to the fun bit. Adhere this to a tabletop or your pants or a pillow and braid three inches down from this knot.

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When your bracelet is done tie a knot with all the threads of yarn and cut them all of except for one.

How to make friendship bracelets with yarn. Measure a length of thread slightly longer than the distance from your fingertip to your shoulder and then cut it. Once you ve finished your braid make another overhand knot at the bottom of the braid. To wear this just tie the leftover thread to the other.

That way you ll have enough thread for the bracelet to stretch around your wrist to create a pattern. Do the same with the top part. Begin the bracelet by taking your cut strands of embroidery floss and tying an overhand knot in one end.

If you like this style there s also a free pattern to make a headband in the same way. Measure and cut your first strand. You then use the yarn to wrap and weave it around bangle bracelets.

You ll first need to make t shirt yarn which is a quick and easy process. This free friendship bracelet pattern uses old t shirts as the floss for them.

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