How To Make Fortune Teller Paper Folding Easy

Go to next page to continue learning how to make a paper fortune teller. In this video i show you how to make a fortune teller out of paper.

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Fold all four corners to the center.

How to make fortune teller paper folding easy. Alright don t expect instant predictions from your miniature fortune teller take a look at our youtu. Fold the top edge of the fortune teller down to the bottom edge so 2 of your colored squares are on top. Fold the paper in half by folding the bottom edge to the top edge then unfold.

Fold the fortune teller in half so the squares are on the outside. Fold the paper in half again by folding the left edge to the right edge and yes unfold again. How to make paper fortune tellers easy origami melon diys.

Paper fortune tellers also known as chatterbox or paper cootie catcher are a great beginners. Flip your fortune teller over so the numbers are face up. Slide your fingers underneath the squares to operate the fortune teller.

You need a square piece of paper but i show you how to turn a rectangular sheet of prin. Fold your paper neat until a fortune teller pops out.

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