How To Make Blue Fire

Soul sand and soul soil can be found i. Basically what you need are chemicals for each of the colors plus a fuel.

How To Make A Fire Using A Mouse By Deohvi On Deviantart Digital Painting Tutorials Digital Painting Painting Tutorial

You should use them in powdered form and don t substitute chlorates nitrates or permanganates which produce harmful byproducts when they re burned.

How to make blue fire. Blue fire or soul fire was introduced in the 1 16 update. First mix the copper sulphate and hydrochloric acid until it s dissolved then add that to the methanol. It is obtained by killing blue fire blazes.

Blue fire is the most destructive item when lighted on a flameable object it spreads fast and it clips 4 5 fires. Hand sanatizer can start fires instantly and have a fire up in 5 seconds it lights quick burns long and makes a big flame to st. To create red flames use strontium chloride.

It is pretty cool isn t it. How to make blue fire easiest way ever. You can order calcium chloride pellets from hardware stores such as lowes or the home depot.

All you have to do is light purell and some other hand sanitizers work too on fire and bam blue fire. It is pretty easy to make too. It looks like this.

It s easy to make a rainbow of colored flames using common household chemicals. To create blue flames use copper chloride or calcium chloride. For this you will need a flint and steel soul sand or soul soil.

Use a fuel that burns with a clean blue flame. 124 views view 2 upvoters. It does not light warm colors red orange and yellow fire but blue fire.

You can add calcium chloride to fire in order to turn the flame blue. It reacts like a fire charge but can spread fire fast. You want a solid 70 methanol to ensure flammability.

Good choices include rubbing alcohol 151 rum hand sanitizer made with alcohol lighter fluid or alcohol fuel treatment. To create turquoise flames use copper sulfate.

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