How To Make A Fortune Teller

Then the person picks a number color letter etc. Slide your fingers underneath the squares to operate the fortune teller.

Free Paper Fortune Teller Printable Templates Origami Fortune Teller Fortune Teller Paper Paper Art Diy

You need a square piece of paper but i show you how to turn a rectangular sheet of prin.

How to make a fortune teller. In this video i show you how to make a fortune teller out of paper. The outside has a color or number. Subscribe for more amazing videos.

They can be for silly things like questions magic 8 ball would answer. Lift up the squares slightly so that you can fit your thumbs under the bottom two squares and your index fingers under the top two. With your fingers under the squares press the corners toward the center of the fortune teller so each square forms a cone shape.

Someone picks the number color and the fortune teller is open closed the corresponding number of times. On one of the inside tabs and whatever is says underneath is that person s fortune. Https bit ly 33snrhk how to tell someone s fortune open the flaps of the triangles not the squares and frite ra.

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How To Make A Fortune Teller Origami

Fold the paper in half again by folding the left edge to the right edge and yes unfold again. Fold the paper in half by folding the bottom edge to the top edge then unfold.

The Craft Box Fortune Teller Paper Origami Fortune Teller Origami Easy

Also called a cootie catcher.

How to make a fortune teller origami. Easy origami fortune teller. Learn how to make a simple and easy origami paper fortune teller step by step for more origami paper folding craft ideas videos tutorials subscribe to. Great for beginners or kids like all school coun.

Fold all four corners to the center. Go to next page to continue learning how to make a paper fortune teller. Step by step simple instructions easy to follow.

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