How To Juggle

This is the basic throw and you can practise this if you like with one ball. The toss is a very easy part of juggling but can be difficult to master.

How To Juggle Three Balls How To Juggle Juggling Pe Lessons

Practicing with 1 ball is a good way to perfect the tossing motion you need to juggle 3 balls.

How to juggle. Follow the path of one ball. It is an activity that in addition to being extremely entertaining greatly promotes coordination concentration self esteem and the development of certain parts of the brain. Sit down on the ground.

Juggling is a thousand year old art that was already practiced in ancient egypt. Toss one ball for a while to get the feel of juggling. Work on tossing the ball so it goes up at an angle peaks above your head and then travels down at an angle into your opposite hand.

It is caught by one hand on the outside scooped into the middle and then thrown to the other hand where it is caught on the outside and scooped back. While it does allow you to quickly juggle it doesn t teach you the foundational skills required to successfully juggle more traditional objects like balls bowling pins or better yet flaming torches. Practice tossing 1 ball back and forth between your hands.

Also practice selfies these are throws you catch with the throwing hand. That s right if you want to learn how to juggle you toss floaty scarves instead of balls rings batons pins or fire. During the motion your hand should move inward and slightly dip.

Your hands should not move very much so aim to keep your elbows at your hips. Enjoy remember to subscribe to the channel and click that bell to. To start take one ball in your hand and throw it to the other.

Before you move to the next step you should be able to throw the ball with a similar arc every time and it should end up close to your hand. The above method starts with the fundamentals. This is a great video for beginners looking for a quick video to teach them how to juggle.

The ball should come to eye height or higher. The way you practice is simple. Start passing one ball from one hand to the other.

Learning this way may take longer and seem more frustrating in the beginning but the. I first learned to juggle more than a decade ago after turning 26. All the information you need to learn to juggle is there.

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