How To Hold Chopsticks Step By Step

How to use chopsticks in this video i show you how to hold chopsticks correctly using your right hand many people hold chopsticks in a variety of ways but. Stretch out your fingers and place the rest of the chopstick at the side end of your ring finger.

How To Use Chopsticks Six Easy Etiquette Steps To Using Chopsticks Correctly Using Chopsticks Useful Life Hacks Life Hacks

With your first chopstick held in position slide the thicker end of the second chopstick between the tip of your thumb your middle and your ring fingers.

How to hold chopsticks step by step. This is your bottom chopstick and it remains still while being used. The tip of your middle finger will be under the chopstick your index just on top and all supported by the tip of your thumb very similar to how you hold a pencil. Keep this chopstick in place by resting it on your third finger ring finger.

Place the second chopstick thinner end pointing downwards in between your thumb and your palm. The pressure on your thumb against the chopstick will keep them in place. Take the first chopstick and place about one third of the way from its top at the base of your thumb.

This chopstick is completely stable it should not move at all and it should act as an anchor. Don t hold it hard. Now it s time for you to hold the second chopstick in the perfect manner.

Now lay your thumb on the chopstick to hold it in place. The chopstick should feel secured by your thumb and resting on the top of your ring finger. Step 2 step 3 step 1 place 1 chopstick and rest it between your thumb and third finger pick up a 2nd chopstick and hold it with your thumb and 1st 2nd fingers like gripping a pencil move the 2nd chopstick up and down with your thumb and 1st 2nd fingers chopstick 1 never moves using the motion in step 3 pick something up with the chopsticks.

On the other side the pad of your forefinger is going to help you grab the chopstick. Make sure that the side of the chopstick is resting right at the tip of your thumb. Use the top part of your ring finger your thumb knuckle and the connect area between your thumb and your index finger to perform like a lever.

Then take the second chopstick and rest it on your ring finger so it s lined up with the first one. Place one chopstick with the fatter end 1 inch away in the space between your thumb and pointer finger. To hold chopsticks start by holding one of the chopsticks like you would a pencil with your fingers about one third of the way up from the narrow end.

While holding the first chopstick grab the second chopstick between your thumb and your forefinger.

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