How To Hold A Pencil Right Handed

Here s a simple trick to help teach kids how to hold a pencil correctly. The pen or pencil rests on the middle finger when using the tripod grip.

Hold The Pencil Preschool Writing Teaching Kids Pencil Grip

Here i show a four year old who had a fist.

How to hold a pencil right handed. The barrel of the pencil sort of lays back on the hand about where your knuckle is donica said. That allows the fingers to be able to move and the wrist to control that tool pretty easily the tripod grasp isn t the only right way to hold a pencil but it s the most popular she said. The tripod grip is a writing grip that holds the pen or pencil with the thumb index finger.

I call it the pinch and flip method tell your child to lay the pencil in front of. The fingers work together to direct the pencil and the thumb acts. Use your thumb and index finger to pick up the pencil.

The tripod hold calls for your thumb index finger and middle finger to create a triangle that supports the pencil. In a lateral quadrupod grip the thumb wraps across the barrel of the pencil and the pencil rests on the top of the ring finger. Now that the alligator is holding the pencil in his mouth place the pencil on the bottom jaw of the alligator and close the alligator s mouth on the pencil.

Open and close the alligator s mouth and show that the alligator is hungry and wants to eat the pencil. Begin the hold by placing the pencil between your thumb and index finger keeping the pencil at a 45 degree angle. Come and see my demonstration on how to teach preschool and kindergarten students to hold their pencils correctly.

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