How To Eat Crawfish

Let the boil s olivia chang show you how to make the most of this sweet crustacean. That is the tomalley the most delicious part of crayfish.

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Using a twisting motion snap the head away from the tail.

How to eat crawfish. If you re interested in eating the contents of the head place the open end between your lips and suck out the meat. Craving crawfish but don t quite know how to crack them open. Otherwise discard the head after you take it off.

From there a person should crack the shell of the crawfish and devein it. If not a person can discard it. And no amount of crawfish juices and organs should stop you from peeling them either.

Crawfish aka crayfish or crawdads may be messy but that doesn t stop people from peeling them at engagement parties easter and other celebrations. Find more southern secrets. You have a more pressing concern.

For those brave enough they can suck the juices from the head of the crawfish. Hold the crawfish on either side of the tail joint. To eat a crawfish start by twisting the head off of it with your fingers.

You may also like. Don t eat crayfish stomach which is the black stuff in the head. How to buy and clean crayfish like a pro.

Step by step instructions for eating boiled crawfish. Break the body away from t. How to eat crawfish.

But let s not get ahead of ourselves. Hold crawfish on both sides of the tail joint your thumbs on one side of the shell and your index fingers on the other. Do not discard the yellow stuff in crayfish head.

Your thumbs should be on one side of the shell and your index fingers should be on the other side. The first step to eating crawfish is to remove the head from the tail.

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