How To Draw Lips Step By Step

Sara barnes my modern met the first step of any drawing is to start with the most basic shapes regardless of the point of view that you re trying to capture. The shorter the line the more plump they will be.

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Never use a soft pencil to draw the line.

How to draw lips step by step. These circles are larger in size and their top edges touch the small circles. Step 3 draw a wavy line horizontally in separating the pairs. Next sketch an open pea shape like area around the circles touching the edges of the upper and the bottom ones.

Then draw a wavy line between the dots allowing the line to pass above and below the original horizontal line. To draw a woman s lips start by drawing 3 overlapping circles in an imaginary triangular area with 1 circle on top and 2 below. Partway down draw a curve similar to a u shape.

The longer you draw the horizontal line the wider the lips will be. Draw a small dot at each end of the lips indicating the corners of the mouth. Draw a horizontal line.

The first step is to draw and shade lips is to draw a straight line that separates the upper and lower lips. Step 1 draw two small circles adjacent to each other with 2 cm gap at the centre of the page. Draw the opening of the mouth and general shape of the upper and lower lips.

Draw a long isosceles triangle. How to draw male lips step by step. I used an hb pencil to draw the line.

Remember that the farther the short lines are placed from the main one the fuller the lips will be. You can also use the same pencil. Step 2 draw one more circle below each existing small circles diagonally.

In this picture the distance between the upper lip and the lower one is 4 cm the length of the main line is 13 cm and the short lines are 3 cm long. This line defines the shape of the lips at the point where the lips meet. Draw a straight horizontal line between the u shape and the base of the triangle.

The line would blend to the lips on later steps. Lips drawing step 9. At first mark three parallel lines in order to draw beautiful lips see my example.

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