How To Draw A Dragon Flying

Draw the dragonfly s eyes. What with all the movies that have been made about them and the inspired books the idea of a powerful creature flying through the air with all kinds of reptile like features is enough to stir anyone s imagination.

Flying Dragon By Gothica6664321 On Deviantart Dragon Drawing Dragon Sketch Dragon Art

First draw the three digits on top of the initial oval using short curved lines.

How to draw a dragon flying. As you see in video it. Today i m going to show how to draw a beautiful flying dragon easy step by step. Make a circle that s about one third of the size of the front of the body and place it above the largest circle so there s a large gap between them.

Add the dragon s thumb on the lower right side. Then darken the outer edges of the initial guides to finish the leg s shape. This video shows that how to draw a dragon easily.

Dragonfly drawing step 7. Watch and learn drawing with color pencil. Where you draw the circle will determine how long your dragon s neck will be.

Hi welcome to chandra art. To do so draw two half circles on the front of the head using a short curved line for each. Hello parents and children this is our latest video about how to draw a dragon.

For each foreleg extend a curved line from the junction of the head and thorax. Simply darken the outer edges of the initial guides to create the shape of the leg. Notice how the line bends in the middle forming a joint in the leg.

All the best flying dragon drawing 38 collected on this page. Draw a smaller circle with a rounded trapezoid to make the dragon s head. When it comes to drawing make believe animals you can t find many more fascinating that dragons.

Then draw the dragonfly s forelegs. Use the lines on the lower right side of the body as guide to draw the dragon s hind leg.

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