How To Draw A Caterpillar

Use a wide u shaped line for the mouth with small curved lines at each end. We first need to draw a stick to give our caterpillar something to hold on to.

Learn To Draw A Caterpillar Easy Animal Drawings Learn To Draw Animal Drawings

Draw this cat by following this drawing lesson.

How to draw a caterpillar. The first step in drawing your caterpillar actually has nothing to do with the caterpillar at all. Make sure to add your own details maybe your caterpillar has a flower or a cute bow on its head if yo. Shade between them forming the pupil.

Enclose a curved shape above each eye using two lines indicating the eyebrows. Start drawing the body draw a half circle shape or better letter c if your caterpillar is facing another direction than ours. Learn how to draw a cute caterpillar with me.

If you like the video please share like comment and subscribe. Within each eye enclose two smaller ovals. Draw as many as you like the more you draw the longer your caterpillar s body will be.

Sitting directly on top of the stick draw a long oval for the caterpillar s body. Give your caterpillar a smiling face. Connect them all so that there is no space in between the letters the m s have to be round.

The head of the oval should be about twice as thick as the tail. Continue drawing the half circles or letters c for the body. Cute caterpillar drawing step 9.

Start by making 4 m s. Draw two ovals to form the eyes. Learn how to draw a realistic cat.

When you finish following along with us try drawing another cat but with a different fur pattern email a photo of your ar. How to draw a cat easy and step by step. Here s an easy way to draw a caterpillar.

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