How To Braid Hair With Extensions

Then you will need to learn a technique that allows you to securely connect the fake hair to the hair you are braiding. For instance if you purchased cheap thin hair extensions you may not be able to keep them out of your hair for more than a few weeks.

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When done properly all of them look completely natural and are safe for your locks.

How to braid hair with extensions. The amount of cornrows you braid into your hair might depend on the kind of extensions you are braiding into your hair. Not only can you braid hair with extensions but can also braid the extensions into your strands which is a great method of installing them. There are many different braiding techniques that allow you to seamless attach extensions of different lengths and styles.

Pick up some small pieces of hair at the top and part it into three sections equally right left middle. There are various styles for a braid hence here are some common ones. Put on the hair extensions and braid.

When creating a single french braid install your hair extensions vertically on either side of a middle part. How to braid hair with extensions in a french braid style. There are two ways of doing your natural hair before braiding.

How to do a french braid with hair extensions. You can do 5 6 large cornrows or you can do smaller ones. The amount of time french braids with extensions will last depends on the quality of the extension hair how you care for it and if you re using a different type of hair extension than the one your had applied.

Box braids work best with hair extensions and they do not require a lot of work. If you want to braid hair extensions you will first need to choose the hairstyle you want and the type of fake hair you will use. To prepare your hair for crochet braids braid your hair into cornrows.

If you are braiding bulky extensions you can braid less cornrows into your hair. You can plait your hair into locks and braid the hair after this works best when you want to do box braids. Partitioning your natural hair.

Including fake hair generally affords a person more options. A french braid begins with three strands and threads in hair from either side bringing in more hair from outside the three strands as you work down the head.

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