How To Annotate A Poem

Unlike many other genres of writing the form of a poem can often play an incredibly significant role in the poem s meaning. It involves reading the poem to identify the writing style rhyme scheme figures of speech the poem s true meaning and its interpretations.

Annotating Poetry Made Easy Speech Language Activities High School Writing Poetry Lessons

Write questions in the margin.

How to annotate a poem. All you have to do is write what the feeling is or what the tone is of them poem. Write the definitions on the poem. You will probably not glean all the information you need for a proper annotation from just a few readings.

Instruct students to circle any part of the poem that stands out confuses them or is important. In my poetry annotation how to resource i use wordsworth s masterful use of figurative language to show students how comparisons can enhance descriptions and form comparisons. Identify any words that you do not understand and look them up.

A second reading enables you to write down some thoughts or to paraphrase what is happening in the poem. For example you could highlight lines that are repeated or a memorable piece of imagery. Before annotating a poem you must read it again and again.

Then mark important words or phrases with a highlighter pen during your second reading. So here s what i do when i annotate. To annotate a poem start by reading through the poem once without writing anything down so you have an idea of how it makes you feel.

Mark phrases that indicate the poem s meaning. Steps to annotate a poem 1. There will be parts that don t make sense but i ll leave them alone for now.

When annotating a poem you must ask and answer several questions such as identifying the speaker and discovering the poem s purpose. The first reading will provide your initial reactions to the poem. So by that line of text you write angry.

Write any questions that pop into your head while doing the initial reading. Discover and mark rhyme scheme using a new letter for each end rhyme within the poem. Don t assume students will find this activity boring.

For example the poem may be a sonnet or a ballad. Think about why the poet has decided to write their poem in this way. This penlighten article tells you how to annotate a poem step by step with the help of an example.

This is when i start to write. To annotate a poem is to analyze and understand it better. Determine the poem s theme and draw arrows to the lines that support the theme.

Such as the small quiet woman got the courage to raise her arm. I m just getting the lay of the land. The attitude or the feeling of the poem is probably the easiest steps of them all.

Initial reading of the poem. If it is note this down on the page think about poem s rhyme rhythm and metre. Read the poem a couple of times without doing anything.

Mood or theme of a poem. If you can identify a rhyme scheme i e abab write this in the corner of the page you ll need it later. Recreate the poem in writing.

Read the poem and retell it as best i can.

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