How To Address A Letter To The President

President his given name or surname are not used in his presence. Begin the letter with dear mr.

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When a woman is elected you can substitute madame president for mr.

How to address a letter to the president. The greeting should specify either dear president last name or dear mr. To contact the president of the united states send a letter addressed to the white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue nw washington dc 20500. The president should be addressed as president obama or mr.

Write the words clearly and legibly in the center of an envelope and then seal the letter inside the envelope. Leave one space and type dear mr. You can also try calling the white house by dialing 202 456 1111 and asking to speak with the president although you may be directed to someone else.

This pattern of not using the name is typical around the world when addressing the highest officials chiefs of state heads of government speakers of houses chief justices and a very few others. Leave one space in between paragraphs in the body of your letter. To address the president in person call them either mr.

One day in the future when we have a female president she will be addressed as madame president. Never use the president s name in the letter. Other options for presidential correspondence.

Stick a stamp in the top right corner of the envelope. If you write a letter please consider typing it on an 8 1 2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. President or president last name.

In direct oral address actually speaking to the president the president is addressed as. Presidents retain their title for life so all former presidents are referred to as mr. President of the united states 1600 pennsylvania avenue washington dc 20500.

Skip another line and write. These guidelines are based on writing to the president of the united states. Write a draft of your letter then proofread carefully to ensure that it conveys your intended meaning and is free from errors.

President or madam president. When writing a letter to the president always address the envelope to the president rather than using the president s name. Start the letter by showing respect for the office holder.

End with a closing and your name. Leave one space and begin the body of the letter. You can use the president s full name if you wish but always include the president s title to remain respectful.

This is the fastest way to reach the white house. In the first paragraph introduce yourself and explain why you are writing. You can begin by writing dear mr.

President or dear madam president. If you are hoping for a response from this government official make sure to write your full name and return address in the top left corner of the envelope. Next include the body of your letter.

If you hand write your letter. If possible email us. Skip a single space and write the following.

Or ms president as a letter to the president is a formal document so it s best to use a standard business letter format.

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