Gross Income Definition

The complete real estate encyclopedia by denise l. Gross income is the total amount of income earned over a period of time often a fiscal quarter or a year.

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It is opposed to net income defined as the gross income minus taxes and other deductions e g mandatory pension contributions.

Gross income definition. The concepts and definitions used conform to international guidelines recommended by the international labour organisation. Gross income is essentially the total amount you or a business earns over the course of certain period of time. It is essentially how much the company makes on a product minus expenses directly.

Evans jd o. Copyright 2007 by the mcgraw hill companies inc. From wikipedia the free encyclopedia for households and individuals gross income is the sum of all wages salaries profits interest payments rents and other forms of earnings before any deductions or taxes.

However a full time employee may also have other sources of income that must be considered when calculating their income. It s usually measured over a year but companies usually report their gross income on. Gross annual income is the amount of money a person earns in one year before taxes and includes income from all sources.

1 for companies gross income is interchangeable with gross margin or. The total amount of a person s or organization s income in a particular period before tax is paid. Taxable income starts with gross income then certain allowable deductions are.

Concepts and definitions gross monthly income from work refers to income earned from employment. The total revenue of a business or individual before deduction for expenses allowances depreciation or other adjustments. The gross income for an individual is the amount of money earned before any deductions or taxes are taken out.

Gross income definition total revenue received before any deductions or allowances as for rent cost of goods sold taxes etc. An individual employed on a full time basis has their annual salary or wages before tax as their gross income. Gross income is all income from all sources that isn t specifically tax exempt under the internal revenue code.

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National Income Definition

It is a net amount of income of the citizens by production in a year. National income may also be defined as the money measure of the net aggregates of all commodities and services accruing to the inhabitants of an economy during a year.

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The progress of a country can be determined by the growth of the national income of the country.

National income definition. National income the total value of all income in a nation wages and profits and interest and rents and pension payments during a given period usually 1 yr value the quality positive or negative that renders something desirable or valuable. National income refers to the money value of all the goods and services produced in a country during a financial year. It includes payments made to all resources either in the form of wages interest rent and profits.

The shakespearean shylock is of dubious value in the modern world. The national income is the total amount of income accruing to a country from economic activities in a years time. National income is the aggregate money value of all incomes earned by individuals and enterprises.

There are two national income definition. This means that all the income produced by individuals with no regard of their citizenship or in the case of businesses the place of incorporation is measured to assess the country s earning potential. In other words the final outcome of all the economic activities of the nation during a period of one year valued in terms of money is called as a national income.

National income is a macroeconomic variable that helps economists to understand the earning power of a country. Thus the concept national income has different meanings. The concept focuses mostly on income generated inside the country boarders.

National income is the sum total of the value of all the goods and services manufactured by the residents of the country in a year within its domestic boundaries or outside.

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