How To Find Median In Box And Whisker

The median of all data above the median upper extreme. The middle part of the diagram is called the box with the horizontal lines and end points at each side referred to as the whiskers.

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1 2 1 4 2 1 9.

How to find median in box and whisker. How to read a box plot. The median is the middle number of a set of data or the average of the two middle numbers if there are an even number of data points. The bottom line of the box represents the median of the bottom half or 1st quartile 4.

The whiskers vertical lines extend from the ends of the box to the minimum value 2 and maximum value 15. Constructing a box and whisker chart. Draw a box and whisker plot for the data set 3 7 8 5 12 14 21 13 18 50.

If there are two values in the middle the median is the average of the two values upper quartile or third quartile. Order the data in ascending order. The top line of the box represents the median of the top half or 3rd quartile 12.

We can represent the list of nine numbers from example 1 1 in such a box plot. 30 45 68 70 78 83 85. Hence the name box and whisker plot.

Q1 is represented by the far left hand side of the box. The middle value of the set of data. Now let us find the median the first lower quartile and the third upper.

In this case about 2 5. Median or second quartile. The median math processing error divides the data set into two parts the upper set and the lower set.

Step 3 find the median the median is the mid point of the data and is displayed by the line that divides the box into two parts it is known as the second quartile or 50th percentile value. 5 2 16 9 13 7 10. Median value the middle number in the set.

Whiskers the lines that extend from the boxes. 1 2 4 4 5 6 8 8 9 least value 1 lower quartile 3 median 5. The ordered data sets are.

Construct a box and whiskers plot for the data set. Lower quartile below that value the lower 25 of the data are contained. 35 42 56 66 71 78 91.

For this graph the left whisker end is at approximately 0 75. Upper quartile above that value the upper 25 of the data are contained. To understand how a box and whisker chart is constructed we have to first arrange our data in ascending order.

The minimum is the far left hand side of the graph at the tip of the left whisker. Find q1 the first quartile. The median is the mean of the middle two numbers.

To understand box and whisker plots you have to understand medians and quartiles of a data set. The biggest value in the set example.

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