How To Solve A Rubix Cube

Stage 4 solve the middle layer. In case of a horizontal line you just have to execute the permutation once.

How To Solve A Rubiks Cube Five Easy Steps To Solving The Cube Solving A Rubix Cube Rubiks Cube Patterns Rubicks Cube

Stage 3 solve the white corners.

How to solve a rubix cube. In two weeks robbie got his so. Stage 6 solve the final layer. You solve the rubik s cube layer by layer using the following 5 steps.

For further explanation about forming a yellow cross on the rubik s cube click here. Stage 2 solve the white cross. Next orient and then permute the pieces of the last layer.

Stage 5 solve the top face. If you want to learn how to read rubik s cube notations keep reading the article. Step 1 complete the first layer cross step 2 complete the first layer corners step 3 complete second layer.

Start with the edges and corners of the first layer and then solve the edges of the second layer. Stage 1 get to know your rubik s cube. Wired s robbie gonzalez learned to solve a rubik s cube from tyson mao one of the co founders of the world cube association.

With practice you will be able to solve the cube in less than a minute using this method. If you have a yellow l shape then onlye twice holding the cube in your hands as seen on the image below.

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