How To Quote A Quote In Mla Format

Doing this preserves the paragraph break. A typical quotation is enclosed in double quotation marks and is part of a sentence within a paragraph of your paper.

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You should maintain double spacing throughout your essay.

How to quote a quote in mla format. Your parenthetical citation should come after the closing punctuation mark. However if you want to quote more than four lines of prose or three lines of verse from a source you should format the excerpt as a block quotation rather than as a regular quotation within the text of a paragraph. Even if your quote is fewer than 4 lines mla style requires you to use blockquote format if there is a paragraph break in the middle of the text you want to quote.

If you cite from different volumes of a multivolume work always include the volume number followed by a colon. Put a space after the colon then provide the page number s. Start the quotation on a new line with the entire quote indented inch from the left margin while maintaining double spacing.

If you only cite from one volume provide only the page number in parentheses. When quoting more than one paragraph indent the first line of any new paragraph an additional 25 inches 0 64 cm from the left margin. When quoting verse maintain original line breaks.

As quintilian wrote in institutio oratoria 1.

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