How To Not Look Suspicious In Among Us

Keep your whole game plan in your head. How to not look sus even if i m crewmate.

How To Be A Smooth Criminal In Among Us

1 people who say skip early without hearing out the evidence are always suss.

How to not look suspicious in among us. Four things easy enough to do for a face to face. Any player making a point of stating their innocence mentioning how they did x task without being asked or saying another player can vouch for them is very transparent. 1 to accuse or not to accuse.

Players have the free choice to skip the vote or vote on players who don t seem to fit in. While that might not make sense among us is a game of simple rules. If you re not an impostor and you want to skip the conversation to get back to the game then you re a moron.

Know your maps and locations. Of course there may be some impostors among us so keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Sabotage and shut doors in among us not looking suspicious is all well and good but impostors still need to find the opportunity to kill other people.

The skeld polus and mira hq. This means prolonging their time on the map so they can t leave and actively putting up barriers that will enable impostors to kill more easily. Impostors don t do tasks but they might fake it.

Best most sus among us memes there is a certain air of caution that should be introduced when accusing someone of being sus in among us as more often than not it will result in the player being immediately executed through the airlock if someone is wrongly accused the value of the phrase and the trust in the accuser significantly diminishes for the remainder of the match and. Four to 10 players take the role of crewmates aboard a ship or space station trying to work out who are murderous impostors. There are three maps in among us.

Breathe relax and respond. If they crack a joke and you re busy sweating however will they not be suspicious. Here are some tips to impostors to be less suspicious.

All time when i play among us with my friends they say i lool sus and move sus and so and when i played in other servers the same occurs how can i look innocent when moving or in other words what is sus for ya. Breathe relax respond and think. Respond to what that person is saying.

The best thing to do is to simply act natural and not like a crewmate. Impostors don t do tasks but they might fake it. Ah yes among us the latest game that s taking over our social feeds and seizing our memes back in 2018 it was a way to connect with my friends back home and realize they re all still really bad.

It is important to not look suspicious which starts with knowing the layout of the map of the world you are in.

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