How To Make Distilled Water For Batteries

To make distilled water on your own you need some easily available ingredients and utensils and follow the steps as suggested below take a big pan preferably steel with good depth and fill 1 4th of it with natural or tap water. Step 1 fill a 5 gallon 18 927 l stainless steel pot about halfway full with tap water step 2 place a glass bowl in the water.

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In this video i show you how you can make some distilled water at home without a still using a pot.

How to make distilled water for batteries. Making distilled water is easy. Be sure it floats. Turn off the gas.

As the water boils it becomes steam. Place an ice pack on the bottle in which purified water is collected. Whenever it runs out of power you just have to drain the water and refill it.

Bring the water to a boil and let it boil for about 45 minutes replacing the ice as necessary. Distilled water will not work it has to be conductive. There are quite a number of ways to make distilled water for batteries.

One of the simplest ways only requires you to have a shallow pot with a glass lid and a small cup. First place the large pot over a stovetop burner and add 8 cups of water. If the bowl doesn t float remove it from the water and set a round baking rack on the bottom of the pot.

Tilt the bottle at an angle that makes it easier to collect evaporated distilled water. Fill the pot at least half way with water and place the small cup at the center of the pot. Then place the smaller pot inside the large pot.

That s the distilled water. The steam will hit the cold lid of the pot and be cooled down to become water again. How to make distilled water at home without a distiller.

We will be heating this pan on the gas stove so choose the pan accordingly. Remove the lid from the pot. This is to boil off chemicals such as methanol and ethanol.

At this point the smaller pot should float on top of the water. It will cause evaporation in water to condense into the cooler bottle. Then place the bowl back in the waterstep 3 the water in the pot must be boiling before going to the next step.

How do you need to make distilled water. If more power is needed you can add a little bit of clorox bleach. Distilled water for car battery.

Continue the process until you get the desired amount of the purified water. All you need to do is boil water catch the condensation formed by the boiling water and then let the condensation cool to become water again. It also works with other electrolytes like lemon juice vinegar saltwater or baking soda.

The bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot. Some of the water will drip into the glass bowl. Actually there are many ways of preparing distilled water that can be used for a car battery.

Invert the lid and add water to the top. This time the cooled condensation is free of salt minerals and other impurities.

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