How To Label An Envelope To An Inmate

To label an envelope correctly start by writing the return address which is your address in the upper left corner. The inmates who have insufficient funds or are on the indigent list can be eligible for eight mailings which are paid for and they must submit a special mailing request along with the correspondence to avail of this assistance.

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On the third line write the city state and zip code.

How to label an envelope to an inmate. For an inmate to be able to write and send letters to their friends pen pals or family members they need to have paper pens envelopes and stamps all the necessary writing supplies. The party should write the inmate s complete name and not use nicknames. To address letters to incarcerated loved ones you need to include their full legal name and eight digit registration number along with the general routing information e g p o.

Pamphlets limit of 5 per letter must be 8 pages or less. The inmate may be asked to sign as receiving the incoming legal mail. Box where the jail accepts inmate mail.

Most prisons provide inmates with stationery so that they could send one to two letters a week. 1 4 schedule of operations. Some facilities require your name and return address to be hand written rather than provided on a gummed or adhesive label.

Following this the inmate seals the mail and signs the legal mail label. The words legal mail or official mail must be on the address side of the envelope. Next write the first and last name of the person you re sending the letter to in the center of the envelope.

Larger publications will be treated as books. Include your full name and return address on all correspondence or your item may not be delivered to the inmate. The party should handwrite the sender s and recipient s names and addresses on the envelope.

On the second line write the physical address of the jail or the p o. On the first line write the inmate s name and booking number. The party should include the inmate s identifying number from the correctional institution.

Preprinted on the envelope on a label or as an ink stamp. Inmate s access to the package. A staff shall mark each envelope of incoming legal mail mail from courts or attorneys to show the date and time of receipt the date and time the letter is delivered to an inmate and opened in the inmate s presence and the name of the staff member who delivered the letter.

On the outside of the envelope write the address in the center. Books limit of 3 per day books must be ordered and sent directly from the publisher or online bookstore. Inmates are not allowed access to the mail room while first class or package mail is being processed.

All mailing labels envelopes and other official preprinted bureau mailing supplies will be secured and may not be made available or accessible to inmates. The unit staff must also mark the envelope as approved and put his details on it before forwarding it to the mailroom. Also as it concerns outgoing mail you need to add each contact to your trulincs computer contact list and then print a mailing label to go on each envelope.

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