How To Hold Chopsticks Chinese Style

Traditionally a diner is supposed to hold the chopsticks in the right hand and hold down the bowl on the table or pick up the bowl close to the mouth with the left or at least put the left hand upon the table and not down on the lap in exceptional cases when eating with only one hand. First hold the upper chopstick like a pencil about one third of the way from its top.

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How to hold chopsticks chinese style. Move the upper chopstick with your thumb index and middle fingers. But for some who maybe didn t grow up using them they can be a bit of a challenge. Hold the first chopstick with your thumb pointer and middle finger.

Chopsticks are probably the most versatile chinese utensil ever. It should be pointing the same way as the first chopstick. Place your hand right around the top third of the chopsticks.

Next place the second chopstick against your ring finger holding it with the base of the thumb. Don t use unmatched chopsticks. Don t hold the chopsticks in your mouth while you do something else like pick up a bowl or plate.

Use your non dominant hand to steady the chopsticks as you adjust the placement of your dominant hand. 3 to pick up things move the upper chopstick with index and middle fingers. Wooden chopsticks are held and used in the same fashion as any other type of chopstick.

So here s our step by step guide. Hold the first chopstick with the tips of your index and middle finger. Hold both chopsticks together in the crook between the base of your thumb and index finger until you re ready to dig in.

It s a fork knife pair of tongs a whisk and a steamer stand just place them in your wok and they ll hold your bowl above water all rolled into one. Hold the other chopstick between the tips of the index and middle fingers steady its upper half against the base of the index finger and use the tips of the thumb to keep it in place. Use the tip of your thumb to keep the chopstick balanced in a straight line across your hand.

As with the chinese the japanese consider it rude to rub wooden chopsticks together after breaking them apart because this says to the host that you think the chopsticks are cheap.

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