How To Hold A Wine Glass Uk

If the glass has no stem we should hold it right above the wine line just to avoid its warming. Another option is to make a loose fist and balance the base on your index finger using your thumb as a lever to hold it in place.

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This guide from wine folly helps.

How to hold a wine glass uk. Many ways to hold the wine glass. You can hold between your fingers squeeze the stem or hold only by the foot. This will give you enough stability to swirl your way to wine happiness.

You can safely and easily swirl the wine inside the glass before drinking by holding it in this way. Hold it towards the base using your thumb index finger and middle finger and allowing your other fingers to rest on the base. Hold the stem between your thumb and first two fingers.

We are supposed to hold the glass with 3 fingers the index the middle and the thumb finger without touching its body not leaving any finger s mark and not to transmit any heat. Pinch the stem of the wine glass between your thumb index finger and middle finger. Use your fingers and thumbs when holding the wine glass just under the bowl like body or at the base of the glass.

Hold all stemmed wine glasses red white etc towards the base of the stem between your thumb forefinger and middle finger. You ll find that your other fingers will just rest on the base naturally. The latter is often seen at standing tastings social occasions or receptions and is also suitable for handing a glass to someone.

The best way to do this without looking ridiculous is to hold the middle of the stem of the wine glass between your thumb index and middle finger. You can hold stemless glasses by the base like you would a normal glass but stemmed glasses should be held by the stem. If you have chosen to taste a red wine then select an appropriate glass and pour in some red wine while making sure you do not over pour it.

There are countless variants of this technique and they re all just fine. You can use your index finger against the glass s body if you need but make sure your palm is not coming into contact with. Choose which you would like to use for your wine.

How to hold a wine glass. Don t worry it s totally socially acceptable to swirl your wine. Typically you serve red wines at room temperature so it s fine if the glass comes in.

It would naturally warm the wine and to change its aromas. Another way to hold a wine glass correctly is to pinch the stem of the glass using your thumb and index finger just above the base. So the correct way to hold your glass is with your hand around the stem.

As you position your fingers place them on the lower half of the stem. Your middle finger should rest on the stem just above the base.

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