How To Hold A Pencil For Good Handwriting

This video helps you to know the best way to hold a pen for good handwriting. The tripod holding technique allows you to use your middle and index fingers along with your thumb to hold and use the pencil with the most control.

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Knowing how to hold the pencil correctly and practicing ways to keep good form while writing will ensure that your pencil holding technique is correct and stays that way.

How to hold a pencil for good handwriting. Betterhandwriting holdpen writesmoothlysome people wanted to whether there is any tricks to hold the pen for better quality writing. The quadropod grip is a writing grip that holds the pen or pencil with the thumb index and middle fingers. In this video i have.

The pen or pencil rests on the ring finger when using the quadropod grip. It is very essential to know how to hold a pen for neat handwriting. Use the screener of handwriting proficiency to evaluate and assess skills.

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