How To Eat Crawfish Claws

New orleans native darren chavis teaches reporter katrina tulloch how to peel and eat crawdaddies before the annual crawfish festival in syracuse. Bite the the base of the claw with your front teeth then pull the claw away so that your teeth scrape the meat off the cartilage.

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Crayfish claw meat is sweet and delicious and can be accessed by snapping the claws and firmly and carefully pulling them apart to pull out the flesh inside.

How to eat crawfish claws. Howtopeelcrawfish peelcrawfish philbillymoonshinethe fast and easy way to peel crawfish crayfish crawdads bugs mud bugs little baby lobsters lol. There is lots of meat n them and they are easy to open. Use a lobster cracker if you have one to crack the shells otherwise you can gently tap with a small hammer.

Crawfish cleanup people who eat crawfish on the regular don t mind the mess but first timers can always turn to food safe gloves to keep their hands clean. Let the boil s olivia chang show you how to make the most of this sweet crustacean. To eat a crawfish start by twisting the head off of it with your fingers.

One thing to remember when eating boiled crawfish is to not overlook the claws. If you re interested in eating the contents of the head place the open end between your lips and suck out the meat. Craving crawfish but don t quite know how to crack them open.

Otherwise discard the head after you take it off.

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