How To Draw Eyes On A Face

Draw an almond shape with one corner tapering downwards step 2 draw another almond shape of the same size. This method is awesome if you re drawing a set of eyes on the same face.

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Also draw smaller eyelash below the larger one as shown.

How to draw eyes on a face. Based on your character neatly trace the position of the eyes. Some characters have the eyes situated just below the head in small oval shapes while cartoon characters have big oval eyes that are a little above the cheek. Leave some space between the bottom of the circle and the lower edge of the eye shape.

The space between these eye shapes is equal to the length of one almond shape step 3 erase the guidelines and draw a circle inside each of the eye shapes. Draw partial shapes as illustrated for the iris and pupil. The diameter of the circles is equal to the height of the almond shapes.

Draw the pair of eyes with equal distance from the vertical line. Draw thin thick thin smooth curve for the eyelashes. Time to draw the inner corner of the eye.

Draw stretched circle starting from the eyelashes but do not make them touch. Draw the inner corner of the eye. Drawing anime or cartoon eyes.

You can use several shapes. Angular pointy or rounded ones like the examples above and in the bonus section. Step 1 draw a light horizontal guideline across.

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