How To Draw A Nose From The Side

Draw two small circles to draw the profile of a nose you want to start out with 2 round circles which are spaced generously apart. To draw the nose the first step is to draw the centerline.

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This line is necessary in order to draw a nose most proportionally and correctly.

How to draw a nose from the side. Draw a line going up the side of the sphere from the diagonal line this should create the form of the nose. Imagine there is a third circle in between the 2. If we look at the face from the front the line runs through the central part of the face dividing it in half.

Add a line that curves downwards from the previous line to the left side of the sphere to create the bottom plane. How to draw a nose from the side step 1.

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How To Draw A Nose From The Side Nose Drawing Portrait Drawing Drawing People

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