How To Check For Lice On Your Own Head

Begin with using two mirrors facing each other to check your scalp. You can discover how to check your own head for lice on both dry and wet hair.

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Take a comb with thin teeth to discover how to solve the problem.

How to check for lice on your own head. Checking for lice step 1. To check for lice start by wetting the person s hair and separating it into sections. Checking for lice step 2.

6 steps to check for head lice. Get your child s head wet with water then sit them in a chair. Start with good lighting whether that s bright sunlight or a lamp with an adjustable arm.

Head lice like to stay where it is warm so checking behind your ears and the nape of your neck is a good place to look. Then use a fine tooth comb or a lice comb to brush through each section of hair starting at the scalp and working your way to the ends. That s why such comb is likely to be a perfect item to use at a thorough examination.

After you comb through each section check the comb for lice or eggs. You are looking to find any lice crawling in the area or possible nits attached to the strands of hair. These parasites move very fast and avoid light.

How to check your own head for lice.

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