How To Braid Hair For Sew In

Before you begin the cornrow process make sure that your hair is nicely dry. Attach the end of a braid to the next braid.

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Braid your hair if you will be covering your entire head in extensions all of your hair will need to be braided.

How to braid hair for sew in. Continue sewing along the braid moving to the back of the head. This is another crucial step to promoting healthy hair growth before and during your sew in. It is recommended to work around the front of the head and all the way around the head working towards the crown.

Do moisturize your scalp. Preparing your hair for a sew in weave 4. Do use artificial hair when doing your braiding pattern.

If you sew in on wet hair your hair will prone to damage. This will help ensure that they grow properly and stay healthy while you have your sew in installed. You can start the braiding just over the left or right eyebrow if all of the hair is being braided.

This helps your hair take a little long in the sew in. We hit 700 subbi. How to braid hair for a sew in.

This step is optional but it will greatly help in reducing the tension being placed on your natural hair especially on anchor braids. Trim the ends of your hair. Braid your hair into into a continuous cornrow braid.

Sew the hair into the braid. Wash and condition your hair. When you reach the end of the braid make a couple of stitches to make the weft secure.

Make sure that the first stitch is very tight and secure. It s not the best quality but i hope it helps. 1080 of course welcome back to all my returning devine dolls and to my new dolls welcome.

The curved needle should make it very easy to go through the braid and piece of hair. Before braiding you need to have your hair nicely washed and condition. This will also prevent the ends from tangling while you or your stylist is trying to braid.

And please hit that subscribe button. Braiding hair in a circular motion. Lay the braid flat against the part of the braid closest to it to secure its end.

Lastly before the braiding begins have your stylist give the ends of your hair a quick trim. Professional stylist fashion hendricks from nyc weave studio takes you through the steps of creating the best braid pattern for sew in extensions.

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